Equipment Available

The following is a list of equipment at the club station:


Force 12 C-3S at 65 feet

Cushcraft WARC Beam 17m/12m 3 elements at 45 feet

Carolina Windom 160 at 50 feet

Carolina 80 at 50 feet

Mosley TA-33 JR WARC 5 Band Beam at 55 feet

60 meter inverted vee dipole

Comet 6 meter 4 element beam at 20 feet

Caroline Windom 160. It is at a right angle to the other one. We now have two of them.

5 Band Vertical to be roof mounted

Tennedyne T-6 Log Beam with rotor.

It is strongly recommended that you bring a transceiver and power supply with you. Note there is not a source of electronics parts or supplies on base. If you think you might need it, bring it..