This is the Remember when page of Photos and other interesting events from the Old days on GITMO

The sign for the Desalinization plant
on Fisherman's Point mid 70's

The desalinization plant circa
mid 70's

The barrel Club
mid 70's

The Bomb Shelter on
Admin Hill mid 70's

Field Day mid 70's
(Love the Classic Cars)

Leeward View
NAS GTMO mid 70's

GITMO Downtown
mid 70's

Power Plant #4
mid 70's

LGuantanamo Bay
mid 70's

Migrant Operations
mid 70's

Cut 100 Feet off
top of mast 1980

Field Day 1980

Number 2 Station
1980 520S

1970 KD4EH tribander

1970 KG4EH View

1971 Field Day

1971 KG4EQ antenna farm

1971 KG4EQ Antenna install

1971 KG4EQ Building

1971 KG4EQ rig

1971 KG4FD yl op