GTMO Group Members

Currently we do not have enough hams on-island to have a formal club so we want to acknowledge those who are here and those who have been here. If you have been here and want to be included to be part of the group, please let us know. No doubt, this list will undergo many revisions.

Call US Call Name Remarks
KG4AB KF7YOX KF7YOX Off-islander
KG4AC KB6MTH Roger Chatterjee Off-islander
KG4AE   Bruce Hamburger Off-islander
KG4AI   Frank Webb Off-islander
KG4AJ AH0AJ Norm Mattox Off-islander
KG4AK KD9EFK Alexander Leksey On-islander
KG4AN KG4AN Club Call Club Call
KG4AS N4SIA Tip Strickland Off-islander
KG4AU VE3WVA Rusty Auxier Off-islander
KG4AW KG9LB Jim Stonecipher Off-islander
KG4BB W4GOV Adam Forman Off-islander
KG4BC KA4ZEO Brett Chmurs On-islander
KG4BP K5VIP Barry Priddy Off-islander
KG4BV   Ink Bowen Off-islander
KG4BX W9BBX Antonio Scauso Off-islander
KG4CB K7NTN Carolyn Bishop Off-islander
KG4CL KG6TTN Chris Kevi On-islander
KG4CM W1WON Cory McDonald Off-islander
KG4CN W0CN Dan Hausaure Off-islander
KG4CQ N4NOZ Tom Mann Off-islander
KG4DL WB4DNL Garry Chittum Off-islander
KG4DO KD2DOV Patrick Sedberry Club Manager/ Resident
KG4DP WA4ET David Price Off-islander
KG4DX W4WX Bill Gallier Off-islander
KG4DY KE4KDY Keith Howell Off-islander
KG4DZ W4DZ VADXCC Club Off-islander
KG4EB KG7OEP Erin Hicks On-islander
KG4EC KU4EC Gordon Leland SK
KG4EM KF4EME John Dempsey Off-islander
KG4EU W4TVG Talley George Off-islander
KG4EY WB2MIC Jozef Hand-Boniakowski Jan 71-Apr72 QSL to K2JT
KG4FL K4OZL Tony Snow Off-islander
KG4FU WA4BMY Jim Brooks Off-islander
KG4GF KA1DYD Jerry Fleming Off-islander
KG4GG WA1TSS Gary Grahn Off-islander
KG4GJ KB7GJ Bob Bishop Off-islander
KG4GN KE4EX Gary Neal Off-islander
KG4HC WA4HBK Harry Chamberlain Off-islander
KG4HF W6HGF Al Dannis Off-islander
KG4HH W2DZO Henry Heidtman On-islander
KG4HI WB2REM Jim Millner Off-islander
KG4IQ KG2IQ Justin Pelletier TDY
KG4JC ND9M James Clary Off-islander
KG4JK N4XYZ David Knight Off-islander
KG4JR KJ4TLB Jordan Rubin Off-islander
KG4KC KC2ZUX Evan Cuter Off-islander
KG4KD KD4SRC Kim Duncan Off-islander
KG4KL KN4KL Ed Williams Off-islander
KG4KO K1KO Karl Oyster Off-islander
KG4KV WB0JKV Ralph Johnson Off-islander
KG4LB N6AR Larry Brockman Off-islander
KG4LL WN1L Lurene McDonald Off-islander
KG4LN KA4VYV Louise Neal Off-islander
KG4MF N3TSN Mat Foley Off-islander
KG4ML K3MLA Larry Minnis Off-islander
KG4MN W3VR Ken Geistfeld Off-islander
KG4NE NM7H Kelly Flint On-islander
KG4NL N2NL David Mueller Off-islander
KG4NO KB8NUM Scott Minke TDY
KG4NW N8CH Chuck Harding Off-islander
KG4OL KM4OLB Clifton Goodgame On-islander
KG4OS KD4OS Emmett Stine Off-islander
KG4OV W4OV Bruce Phegley Off-islander
KG4OX W4OX Douglas McDuff Off-islander
KG4PC N0PC Jorge Seralles Off-islander
KG4PG   Patti Off-islander
KG4PH KK4PHP Ed Danis Off-islander
KG4PK W4CCJ Clayton Jester Off-islander
KG4PL   Susan Jester Off-islander
KG4PT N8QNW Matt Jylha Off-islander
KG4QD K4QD Jan Heise Off-islander
KG4QQ WB1GQQ Alan Balog Off-islander
KG4QW W7CQW Quint Webb Off-islander
KG4RH KD5VSU Robert Harris Off-islander
KG4RN W9RN Noll Amidzich Off-islander
KG4RQ N4PSK Robert Dye Off-islander
KG4RR   Ray Marsh Off-islander
KG4RX K4RX Terry Posey Off-islander
KG4SB N4BAA Jose Castillo Off-islander
KG4SD W4SD OB Corning Off-islander
KG4SM KC2ZHM Roosevelt St. Marie Resident
KG4SS K4MIL Stu Spatz Off-islander
KG4TM   Tim Miller Off-islander
KG4TO AC4TO Ken Reecy Off-islander
KG4UD KF5UDP Paul Hall Off-islander
KG4UW AF5W Robert Spears Off-islander
KG4VL N5VL Vance LePierre Off-islander
KG4VN K3VN Al Hernandez Off-islander
KG4VT KB3AMT Ben Meyer Off-islander
KG4WB N2WB Bill Beyers Off-islander
KG4WD KD4OHH Wayne Duncan Off-islander
KG4WH K5NWC Wade Hicks On-islander
KG4WM KG4DCS Walter Marshall Off-islander
KG4WV W4WV Bill Verebely Off-islander
KG4WW KX4WW Bill Walker Off-islander
KG4XP W4XP Charles Watts Off-islander
KG4YL K9DIG Nancy Yoshida Off-islander
KG4ZD AF5PM Frank Gatto Off-islander
KG4ZE K4SXT Gus Gostel Off-islander
KG4ZI W5OZI Pat Rose Off-islander
KG4ZK W4ZYT Don Lynch Off-islander
KG4ZO N6ZO Chet Moore Off-islander
KG4ZT KG7ZZT Jeff MacHott On-islander
KG4ZX KC9TZX Tyler Skala On-islander
KG4ZZ KE4GAR Lee Hed Off-islander

GTMO as a destination

GTMO is a US Naval Base and is completely under military control. It is not an easy place to get to nor is it simple to get permission to enter.