1. Incoming guest operators must notify the station manager (Patrick Sedberry KG4DO) a minimum of 30 days prior to arrival in GTMO.

Due to the number of groups and individuals who are planning to come down it is very important to schedule your trip with the station manager to avoid conflicts with others who plan to come down. After setting your schedule and obtaining area clearance you must notify the station manager that your trip has been approved so that he holds your slot reserved on the calander. There are only 3 operating positions and interference between operators is a problem. Band pass filters and headsets that fully cover the ears are a great help.

2. The guest operator courtesy fee is $20 per calendar year.

3. Guest operators understand that the club, at it�s discretion, may or may not provide equipment for his/her use.

The club only provides the antennas, room, a/c, and refrigerator. All other equipment is to be brought with the guest operators.
The club does not provide any ham equipment in the shack.

4. Guest operators understand and accept that permanent parties assigned to GTMO have the first right of refusal in use of the club station and equipment.

5. Guest operators will receive, read and sign off on the rules governing amateur radio operations from GTMO Bay, Cuba.

6. No guest operations shall begin until the sign off of the rules occurs and a shack orientation has been received.