If you are contemplating a trip to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to operate as KG4??,
and you are not in the military, you need to consider the following:

Due to the number of groups and individuals who are planning to come down it is very important to schedule your trip with the station manager to avoid conflicts with others who plan to come down. After setting your schedule and obtaining area clearance you must notify the station manager that your trip has been approved so that he holds your slot reserved on the calander. There are only 3 operating positions and interference between operators is a problem. Band pass filters and headsets that fully cover the ears are a great help.

You have to be pre-approved. Pre-approval means you have arranged the following:

You must have a valid passport and it must not expire while you are in GITMO.

You must obtain an approved area clearance form.

Lodging arrangements at GTMO have to be made.

Travel arrangements (to and from GTMO) must be confirmed.

You have secured a vehicle, probably a rental vehicle.

You must be in good health.

Approval forms have to be prepared by you and signed by GTMO officials.

To get to GTMO, you must make your own reservations. Your choices are AMC, and IBC Charter Air Line.
Lynx Air fly from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
IBC flies from Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando
You will need to have a good friend on base GTMO.

This person must see to the processing of your approval forms.

Meet you at the GTMO air terminal and help process you through security.

Provide transportation to get you a rental vehicle and settled in lodging.

Provide you with directions to various places like the mess hall, Navy Exchange, gas station, ham station, etc.

Accompany you to the terminal upon leaving.

All this means that your friend will have to use his personal leave time to get you here and settled in.

Your friend will be held responsible your actions while here, i.e. his job is on the line for you.
Estimated cost for a 7 day stay, without board and flying from Norfolk is approximately $1,200.
KG4 call signs are issued at GTMO after all licensing requirements are met.
The club only provides the antennas, room, a/c, and refrigerator. All other equipment is to be brought with the guest operators.
The club does not provide any ham equipment in the shack.

Note: Currently rental vehicles and lodging are problems. Lodging facilities are very limited and rentals few. You must have both prearranged prior to arrival.